Thursday, 8 January 2009

kids Ty and Jordan

Happy new year everyone

God I wish I had time and patience to continue this thing, so whats been going on?? Bad news really , Marks nan has cancer in the lymph nodes, she starts chemo this friday, Ty has been ill since Novemeber with this strange virus going around, to say I havnt been getting much sleep is an understatement.Ty is up most nights coughing untill he is sick, Ive never cleaned so many sheets!!Ive been doing extra hours at work, so im a little tired to say the least.Christmas came and went with slippers on.I think I spent so much time worrying about getting presents and the cost of everything I forgot to rest and enjoy myself, in the end, I stuck to my budget, well maybe a little over, and the kids were happy with thier presents, thats the main thing.But I suppose I feel cheated, it never felt christmassy this year at all, maybe im just getting older, the magic lost...anyway next week, I have a week off work, I plan to get in bed by 8pm...spend some time with Mark, we live together but never see each other, one in one!!! I think we are drifting apart,rowing over stupid things, but hey thats life, my new years resolution: To just do it , whatever it is with a smile, and not be so worried about my home getting in a mess, weve got to live, a crumb on the floor isnt going to kill anyone, Ive been a bit O.C.D Lately again with the cleaning and furnishings, getting pissed off because somebody moved my candle an inch in the wrong direction isnt healthy, ive just got to learn to let go.......count to ten...SMILE!!!!

Woah, that feels better.Sorry to bore everyone :)