Thursday, 9 October 2008

Hi all!!! Im actually liking this new blog thingy! Its got loadsa gadgety jobbies to get to grips with, yay! And this is me, yup, so if you see me in the street say hi, if its on crimewatch, then you have never seen me before in your life!

Friday, 18 April 2008

The Dogs.

My parents first dog was Chow Chow named LinChow.Imaginitve I know.She once bit me on the lip for playing with her when she was trying to relax.I soon learned to respect dogs.Thus brought forth my parents collection of dog ornaments.Apparently they are worth a few bob, we were never allowed to touch them growing up, and thanks to the popularity of day time tv programmes such as 'boot sale challenge' and 'flog it' and the forever mahogany coloured David Dickinson my parents have formed a keen eye for antiquities and the collection has grown.Just remeber, look, but don't touch!

My mums piano.It smells musty, is hardly played and takes up a lot of room.But it wouldnt be the same with out the piano being there.The kids bang out a tune now and then.If thats what you call it, it keeps them entertained for half an hour but gives everyone else a head ache.As a child I would pretend I was playing some great masterpeice, then my mum would get on there and show me how its done.At christmas its decorated with candles and floral arrangements.It full of spiders no doubt,yuk.But, its homely.Its been in the house since before I was born im sure.We used to have a couple of canaries called Eric and Ernie, their cages were sat on top.Mum cooked one in the conservatory one particulary hot summer.We can laugh about it now were over it.

Talking crap

Its what i do best, so instead of talking crap im using this blog to upload photos.Then ill talk crap about the photo.So it has a point, im not just genrally talking crap, im talking about the crap photo.